Just a few recommendations:

The other day, I ordered fabric from 2 online merchants I had never done business with before. One, Thousands of Bolts (and Only One Nut), had been recommended by a friend. The other, J&O Fabrics, was completely unknown to me. The fabric I received from both these merchants was good quality, had a wonderful “hand” and the perfect color. In fact, what I ordered from J&O was remnant bundles of NFL fabrics for my grandson Chase’s quilt. I couldn’t believe how big those “remnants” were! Yikes! I have enough for Chase and then for some charity quilts, to boot. Anyway, to make a long story short, I would not hesitate to recommend either of these shops to someone looking for fabric online. Their prices are great, too. Finally, my last, and favorite recommendation of all is my friend Miranca Chen at the Quilt Kit Shop. Her precut kits are the bomb! And she will cut any size you want. I have one of her kits I’m working on now, and two more waiting in the wings. Here is her information. It’s well worth your time to visit her:

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