My Plans for Today

I have absolutely no idea why I make plans for anything.  Things seldom work out the way I think they should.  I procrastinate, get distracted or bored, or things just go to heck.  Mostly, it’s me.  Last Sunday, without thinking, I went to grab one of the feral cats that we rescue to get her out of the garage.  No gloves.  She absolutely shredded my right hand.  Now, I’m on meds for the infection, and can barely move my fingers.  My hand doesn’t close all the way.  What a stupid thing to do.  Well, live and learn.  I was in the middle of putting a quilt top together, and that has come to grinding halt because I can’t pick the pieces up without a struggle.  My doctor thinks that if the infection doesn’t break soon, I will have to see a “hand specialist”.  What the heck is that?

Anyway, back to what I had planned to write about (see how easy it is to become distracted?) – My day today will be spent taking down the last few Christmas decorations that still remain up, and then to the sewing room to try and organize my projects into some manageable collection of UFO’s.  I want to have quilts finished for all 4 of the grandkids by Easter, and I have a good start on it, so I don’t want to lose much more momentum.

The new year has started out with much sadness.  A friend’s husband passed away, another friend is undergoing tests for the possibility of cancer, and so many folks are suffering in the cold weather.  Every day is a test we might not know the answer to, we just have to do the best we can.


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