Mason’s Hatchet Quilt

Mason's Hatchet Quilt


Finally Back!

Wow!  I haven’t made a post in ages.  But I have lots of good reasons.  All 4 of the kids’ quilts are done, and what a relief.  I am a terrible one for procrastination, and I was still working on the last one two days before I intended to give them to my kids.  The good news is, even though I left too much until the last minute, I finished, the grandkids loved their quilts, and we had a wonderful Easter – a week after Easter.  I have lots of pictures to post, and will get those done.  I feel good now that things aren’t so rushed.  Doug was going to physical therapy every other day, and that 60 mile round trip plus the wait takes more time than I wanted to spare.  But, it was worth it in the long run.



Chase’s quilt, in progress, with the inside yellow border. Really sets off the yellow in the patchwork.

More Progress

More Progress

These are the NFL fabrics that will be the outside borders of Chase’s quilt. So excited to get them all pressed and cut.



Closeup of the football quilt

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Today’s progress on Chase’s football quilt


Got the inside pieced part of Chase’s football quilt done today, and I’m very pleased with the way it looks.  He will be a happy guy, and of course, that makes grandma happy!